Our dental office has always been a safe place to be. Now in Covid-19 times we are continually adapting our safety measures to protect patients, dental office staff, dentists and the community at large from the transmission of the coronavirus. The additional safety measures we have implemented are based on the best scientific evidence and expert opinion at this time, and is subject to revision as additional information, data and new evidence becomes available. 

Enhanced precautions include Pre-screening for COVID-19, Plexiglass barriers, physical distancing, patient masks and hand sanitizers, anitmicrobial oral rinses, personal protective equipment such as isolation gowns and hats, N95 fitted masks, face shields, extra-oral vacuums, HVAC certification, room air purifiers, disinfectant foggers. Because of the evolving understanding of the world's knowledge of COVID-19, it is expected that additional recommendations will be brought forward in the future that might impact how our office delivers patient care. Our first priority is always safety and protection. 

Defender Extra Oral Vacuum (Demonstration Video)


Defender 5D Hands Free Light


Masks & Caps


Head Covers Designed by Dr. Chin


Sports Themed Masks Given to Patients


Invisalign Face Shields


Staff Hazmat Suit


Hand Sanitizer Giveaway


Certified N95 Mask Fitter


Changes to the Office Since Restart on June 8, 2020

Office Plexiglass

Office Physical Distancing

Office Operatory


Office HVAC Certification


Disinfectant Fogger (Video)